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Bursting with potential

We really enjoyed working with Alison, the owner of Bursting with Potential, she’s a professional powerhouse yet somehow understated. She runs her Occupational Therapy business with complete empathy and understanding for the children and young people she helps, all whilst being a mum of three herself. It was this essence of strength, professionalism and expertise coupled with her empathy and passion that she needed help capturing in her brand.

What We Did - Brand Strategy

Alison – Owner & Senior Occupational Therapist, Bursting with Potential

“Sara really got to the heart of my business and captured the essence of our brand. She took the time to understand us and our brand challenges to develop a brand strategy that has given us direction and clarity for the future. We look forward to working with Sara again and would recommend her to any small business who has lost its way with their brand and marketing”

Bursting with Potential has been running for 4 years and in that time, Alison has taken it from being a sole trader to a limited company, with a high performing team behind her, offering even more services and helping even more people. With that growth and success comes the challenge of ensuring the vision and mission she originally had for the company was carried forward and upheld by her team. 

She had updated her business model and plan in line with her growth, but her brand strategy had not had the same treatment. This meant her marketing messaging and previously consistent approach to communications had gone a bit wayward, which is where No Name. Extra Brain came in.

By developing a complete Brand DNA diagnostic for Bursting with Potential, to go alongside her already existing brand design, we provided Alison with the clarity and direction she needed to bring her brand and marketing back on track. We captured the essence of her brand for all her staff, customers, parents, children and young people she works with to get behind and believe in.

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