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Who We Are

Hi, I’m Sara the founder of

No Name. Extra Brain.

Having worked for some of the world’s biggest brands and run marketing departments for years, I found I was losing the lifelong passion that I had for the job. I spent more of my time managing people and politics than I did doing the thing I loved...branding and marketing.

I wanted to put my skills and passion into helping brave people who had made the choice to go it alone and set up their own businesses. People who have incredible skills, business ideas and their own passions but in need of a guiding partner to provide the expertise their business needs to turn it into a successful, meaningful brand that customers can love.

And so No Name. Extra Brain was born.

Let me help you articulate why your customers should buy from you over anyone else with a well crafted brand strategy. Let me help you drive more leads to your business with a targeted marketing strategy. 


Our mission is to help start-ups and small businesses understand the importance and power of branding in delivering value and competitive advantage to their business.


  • Trusted partner and a guiding expert to those we work with

  • Operating with integrity, building long-lasting relationships

  • Aspire to be, and do, better every day

  • Flexible and adaptable because one size fits no one.

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Contact Me

P - 07766546633
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