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Solis Reflexology

Working with someone wanting to start their own business is incredible. Seeing an idea grow, evolve and come to life in the form of a meaningful brand, is truly inspiring. When Ruth came to me, she was training to be a reflexologist and wanted to start her own business. She had a notebook of ideas and sketches for what she wanted to call the business, right through to different services she could offer. After workshops, reviews and design feedback we landed on Solis Reflexology. Solis being Spanish for sun, with her brand embodying warmth, inner glow and balance.

What We Did - Brand Strategy & Brand Design

Ruth - Reflexologist

“Sara not only makes this process less daunting, she listens, is supportive and enthusiastic. The work she carries out is remarkably thorough. She’s very professional, though personal at the same time. I can’t see any new start up not succeeding if you have Sara behind you.”

With a one person, therapy business such as Solis, it is crucial to ensure the brand not only encapsulates the heart of the company, in terms of its products and services, but also the heart of the business owner, who ultimately is the business. Having got to know Ruth over the last few months, I can definitely say that Solis is a true reflection of who she is – warm, calming, with a kind presence and a positive energy.

Ruth has nearly completed her training and once she has, she has the foundations in place, in the form of her brand strategy and brand design, ready to be a huge success. I can also recommend her services as I received treatments during our workshops. Note to self: therapy and treatment clients come with added perks!

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