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Mihaz Business Coaching

Mihaz stands for ‘Make it happen Zoe’ which could not be more apt for a professional problem solver who can turn any chaotic business problem into calm and order, all done with a smile on her face and the energy of a long-life Duracell battery!

Zoe has been working in business transformation and change, for over 25 years across the world. When she decided to pivot her business to be more local and focus on the SME market, she needed help to articulate this new business direction and set her marketing off on the right foot.

What We Did - Brand Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Plan

Zoe Freeman - Owner & Business Coach

“Sara is simply brilliant. She has guided and supported me through my brand and marketing journey, bringing out the best of me. Listening to my ideas and creative but at times chaotic thinking into a well structured, true to self, brand that reflects what my business is truly about. She has also helped me increase my confidence with marketing and especially with the use of social media. In all a cohesive, supportive and creative partnership throughout. I would not have got there without her. I am looking forward to continue working with Sara to keep my marketing on track. Cannot recommend Sara highly enough.”

With a well-crafted, true-to-self brand strategy in place Zoe is now able to communicate her business purpose effectively and consistently. Like many business owners she has the confidence and skills to coach her customers but now she also has the confidence and skills to market effectively. If your business is struggling to grow, have a tricky project you just can’t get over the line or feeling stuck then Zoe is the person to call, because she will make it happen and bring joy back to your business. 

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