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TSOS Group

When Stefan, the founder of TSOS Group and his business partner Tracey, approached me on Facebook I must admit I didn’t know what I was letting myself in for. TSOS Group has been going since 2017 but had evolved greatly, both in terms of the company’s proposition but also in Stefan’s head, with the future vision he had for the business being an impressive one.

What We Did - Brand Strategy

Stefan & Tracey – Owners & Partners

"After months of struggling to figure out how to create a brand identity that clearly demonstrated our vision, we were lucky enough to meet Sara from No Name. Extra Brain.

Sara took the time to understand the vision for our business and was able to create a brand identity which not only reflected our vision perfectly but also gave us an overall direction for our business."

 He wanted to get small businesses to join forces, whilst retaining their independence with the single-minded goal of helping other small businesses. I was so bought into his vision, I’ve not only written the brand strategy for TSOS Group I’ve also became the first small business to become a partner and their resident brand and marketing strategist.

TSOS Group was my biggest brand strategy challenge to date. Not only to ensure the brand stood up to the impressive vision of what the company was to become but also to encapsulate how unique and different their approach was. TSOS Group was set to be an industry disruptor.

I needed to develop a strategy that reflected the new services and business model TSOS Group were taking on but ideally retain the name, which at the time was an acronym of the founders’ initials and didn’t hold a lot of meaning. The name, however, did have recognition and brand awareness as
Stefan and Tracey had been hard at work engaging with lots of industry influencers, so we didn’t want to lose all they had built.

TSOS Group as a result was redefined as The Smarter Outsource Service – The smarter way to do business.

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