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Our focus is you and your brand

Which is why we are No Name, because our name is not the important one in this relationship, instead we offer up Extra Brain power to help you define, develop and grow your business.

Helping start-ups, micro and small businesses bring their vision and goals to life, through the power of their brand.

Build a meaningful brand

Have you been running your business for a couple of years but not seeing the growth or return you wanted? Did you set up your own website, and design your own logo to get you started but don't feel like it represents your business any more? We often hear this from our clients and we are here to help. We can help you refresh or redesign your brand to align to your business goals and continue to grow so you fall back in love with your company.

Stefan & Tracey
Owners & Partners
TSOS Group
"After months of struggling to figure out how to create a brand identity that clearly demonstrated our vision, we were lucky enough to meet Sara from No Name. Extra Brain.
Solis Reflexology
“Sara not only makes this process less daunting, she listens, is supportive and enthusiastic. The work she carries out is remarkably thorough. She’s very professional, though personal at the same time. I can’t see any new start up not succeeding if you have Sara behind you.”
Zoe Freeman
Owner & Business Coach​
Mihaz Business Coaching
“Sara is simply brilliant. She has guided and supported me through my brand and marketing journey, bringing out the best of me. Listening to my ideas and creative but at times chaotic thinking into a well structured, true to self, brand that reflects what my business is truly about.

Write your own Brand Strategy is available to buy now!

A practical and straightforward brand strategy workbook with examples, templates and exercises. Develop a meaningful and compelling brand, to give your small business or side hustle clarity, direction and the foundations needed to grow.

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