How can having business values help your business?

Your business values are a way of articulating what you and your business care about most and sets out the standards to which you work to. Plans and strategies will change over time, but your values won’t, as these sit at the very core of your business. Values are important to communicate because customers like to know what sort of business they are buying from. Can they trust you? Do you believe in the same things? Is what is important to you, also important to your customers? Buyers, purchasers, consumers, customers…however, you choose to refer to them in your business, does not change the fact that people buy from people. Your values give a window into who you are, your character and what you stand for as an individual and a business.

Business values can help with... decision making

If you have clear business values it helps with all your decision making within your business, as everything you do, along with your company goals and mission should all align to your values. If you need to make an important decision for your business the first thing you should ask yourself is "does it align to my values".

Business values can help with...attracting your target audience 

In today's crowded marketplace, consumers are increasingly interested in supporting companies that align with their personal beliefs and values. By clearly communicating your company's values, you can establish a strong connection with potential customers who share those values.

One way to showcase your company's values is by incorporating them into your marketing messaging. This can include highlighting your commitment to sustainability, social responsibility, or other important causes that your target audience cares about.  Ultimately, showcasing your business values can help set you apart from competitors and build a loyal customer base that shares your beliefs and values.

Business values can help with... recruitment 

Having clearly defined business values can also be an important factor in attracting and retaining employees. Consumers are increasingly looking for companies that share their values and are committed to social responsibility and sustainability. Similarly, employees want to work for companies that share their beliefs and values and are committed to creating a positive impact in the world. When a company's values are aligned with the personal values of its employees, it can help to improve job satisfaction, increase employee engagement, and reduce turnover.

Business values can help with...building company culture

Business values play a critical role in building a strong and positive company culture. When a company's values are clearly defined, they help to shape the behaviours, attitudes, and decisions of everyone within the organisation. This creates a shared sense of purpose and a common understanding of what the company stands for. By establishing a set of values, a company can set expectations for how employees should interact with one another, customers, and the wider community. This can help to foster a positive and inclusive workplace culture where everyone feels respected, valued, and supported.

All you need to do now is figure out what you stand for. This is no easy task as most people don't like writing or talking about themselves, so if you need help to understand what you and your business stands for then get in touch.

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