Top 8 things to think about when designing a logo

Getting to the point in your new business venture where you need a logo, whether you plan to design it yourself or get it designed, can be very exciting. It can make your business feel very real and help articulate your business personality and purpose as well as stand out from the competition.

Before you leap in headfirst into the design process you first need to consider these things, so you don’t fall into the trap of many keen entrepreneurs…

Brand Strategy a logo does not make a brand. Going into the logo design process without a brand strategy in place can leave you with a meaningless image. What makes a logo powerful is the meaning it conveys. What is your brands mission, values and brand story?

Brand Design – Brand design is so much more than just a logo. What is your primary and secondary colour palette, what fonts do you use where and what is your image styling? This may seem like a lot of detail to go into when you’re just starting out but being consistent with your look and feel is key. It helps to build trust, reputation, and recognition with your customers.

Future proof your logo Design trends like anything else can come and go. Try to make your logo unique to you and don’t fall for the latest trend – perfectly aligned geometric shapes is so 2019! You want to make your logo timeless.

Logo Variants – You need to make sure you have a logo option that works across all media and in all circumstances. Does your logo work on a colour background, do you have a black and white only option, can you reduce the size down to fit on a small social media profile image or blow it up to be big enough on a billboard? Your logo needs to adapt to all sizes and orientations and be just as compelling in all circumstances.

Prominence and hierarchy - If you have more than one word for a company name or you want an icon to go with the name, think about the prominence of each. What do you want to stand out to customer firsts, or perhaps you want all elements to be equal? By having a hierarchy of words or elements to your logo can help customers to understand your business better.

Colour palette – Whether it’s the cool, clinical blue of the NHS or the vibrant red of Coca-Cola, colour evokes emotion and connotations, so think carefully about the colours you use. Sticking to one or two key colours in your palette will keep your logo simple and concise. Only a very well known brand can pull off a technicolour rainbow.

Check out the competition  this one may sound obvious but the last thing you want is to have the same colour or font as someone else in your market. You want to be unique and reflect what your brand stands for.

Keep it simple Don’t try to get too clever or over complicate things. The simpler the design the more recognisable it will be.

Follow these simple steps to ensure you have a meaningful logo your customers can resonate with, and if you need any help then get in touch.

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